Terms and Conditions for Resolute Academy


By registering for Resolute Academy, you agree to the following terms and conditions as described below. 

By requesting enrollment you represent that you are authorized to enroll yourself or that you are a legal guardian of the student named in the enrollment. You also agree to the fees outlined in the payment and fees section of this document.

Fees and Refund Policy

All are billed in advance of receiving a login and starting courses. In addition, all outstanding balances must be paid prior to receiving a transcript and/or diploma. If a balance remains on your account after completion of coursework your completion is recorded but will not be submitted until the balance is paid.

Refunds may be requested up to to 5 business days after initial payment is received. Please note that any completed coursework will not be submitted for transcript if a refund is issued. 

A late fee of no more than $50 may be applied to any payment not received per the agreed upon payment schedule. Please notify us immediately through email or online chat if you believe you are going to be late so that arrangements can be made.

Program Fees

Online High School Diploma Program – There are two options for this program; a pay in full of $597 and a Payment Program of 8 bi-weekly payments of $95 automatically charged. This program is per year of enrollment and will be billed in consecutive years until course completion or student cancellation. Please note that all courses completed in a year that has been paid in full will receive full transcript credit for the completed courses. Any courses started or scheduled but incomplete at the end of the year will require additional annual fees.

Dual Credit Programs – There are 3 options available for the Dual Credit program; One time fee of $5000, pay by Semester for 4 total payments of $1350 billed 30 days prior to each semester and a Monthly Payment program of $375 per month billed May – December (8 months) each year. The dual credit program is billed in advance for upcoming courses and courses may not be started if payments are not received. If you believe you will have a payment issue please contact us immediately by email or online chat.

Summer School/Credit Remediation Program – This program is billed in advance and is based on the number of credits needed to complete remedial courses. The options are; 1 credit = $150, 2 credits = $225, 3 Credits =$300. If more than 3 credits are needed we recommend the online diploma annual program. All payments must be received prior to starting courses for this program.

Limited Use Statement

All courses, content and related third party and Resolute Academy partners are the property of Resolute Academy and its affiliates. By signing up with Resolute Academy you are receiving a non-transferrable, limited license to use and access services for your own personal use. Resolute Academy and its affiliates reserve the right to revoke this license at any time. When accessing content covered by your personal use license you may not:

  • Copy, communicate or publish any content to a third party, including the public domain or any other entity without prior written authorization from Resolute Academy.
  • Record, photograph or stream content
  • Post, share or recreate on social media
  • Sell it

Any violation of the above use can result in immediate termination of your engagement with Resolute Academy and risk the possibility of legal action.

Third party, partners and affiliates services my have their own terms and conditions and your use of their services will be subject to their respective terms. Resolute Academy is not responsibility for these terms and violations of these terms may result in your termination with Resolute Academy services as well.

Acceptable Use Policy

Resolute Academy, its partners and affiliates content/services are to be used in accordance with its design as a learning, teaching and testing platform. Use of these services for any purpose other than their intended purpose may be considered a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. Prohibited Behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Sharing of account information to anyone other than the Student, Guardian or staff of Resolute Academy, its partners and affiliates.
  • Tampering with any technology, forms or content
  • Submission of inappropriate or illegal content
  • False representation of yourself or impersonating others
  • Gather other student data, identities or content without explicit permission

Account Termination 

Upon successful completion of your coursework and payment of all associated fees you will be provided with a transcript/diploma/degree or any combination of those three and your account will be considered closed. We retain completion data for no less than 5 years and additional copies of your completion may be requested at an additional cost.

Account termination due to violations of policy will not qualify for any refund and any outstanding balance may be processed for collection.

One-Time Payment
Installation Plan – Pay Over Time
$95.00 every 14 days X 8
Transcript fee
1 Credit
2 Credits
3 Credits
Pay by Semester
$1,350.00/month X 4
Pay by Semester DC
Pay in Full
Pay Monthly
$375.00 every 15 days X 16

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Single Payment Annual
Enrollment Fee for $597

Payment Plan for Annual Enrollment Fee
8 Bi-Weekly Payments of $95

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  • One-Time Payment*

    The One-Time Payment options saves you money overall. Plus you do not have to remember when your next payment will go through.

    Price: $597.00

    If Paying with Your Credit Card

    Using Stripe's secure interface, you may pay using a Stripe account or major credit card. If you do not have a Stripe account, simply select the option to checkout as a guest.

  • Recurring Subscription Amount*

    Price: $95.00
    Payment Frequency
    Bi-Weekly -8 payments

    If Paying with Your Credit Card

    Using Stripe's secure interface, you may pay using a Stripe account or major credit card. If you do not have a Stripe account, simply select the option to checkout as a guest.

  • Money Order*

    If you would prefer to pay by Money Order
    Send the full payment of $597 to:

    Resolute Academy
    506 N Goliad St, Ste 200
    Rockwall, TX 75087

    You MUST include the following:

    Student Name
    Parent Name
    Phone number
    Email address
    Home school
    Name to be printed on the diploma

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  • Pay in Full

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    Price: $5000.00


  • Pay by Semester

    4 payments of $1,350 30 days before semester start date

  • Pay Monthly

    16 payments of $375 - Payments are made 8 months of the year starting in May and Ending in December.

    Please note that if you choose this option you may need to make catch up payments if registering later than May 15th or September 15th.

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